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Car Seat Checks
Car Seat Checks
How We Began


In 2013, a group of Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Instructors found themselves aspiring to do MORE! They wanted to do more for the community, the children and the organizations that they had always served. What began as a small idea grew and grew until they jumped in and founded The Safety Group. 





The Safety Group believes that if we empower families and organizations through education we will be able to save lives. Each time we answer a question, listen to a concern or assist in problem solving, we are in fact helping to protect a child from injury. 


Our Work


The Safety Group offers many different services to families and organizations  We have prices and services that will accommodate a wide range of requests. We are also available for phone consultations to answer basic questions regarding car seats and seat recommendations, best practice guidelines and state laws.

Get In Touch


The Safety Group only employs Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Instructors and American Heart Association CPR Instructors with a plethora of experience in both teaching and hands on skills. We would be happy to have a conversation to discuss your needs. 

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